Biofilm Sensor

Working with Nalco and Guinness, Pi has recently commissioned a BioSense biofilm sensor in a process vessel in Guinness, Dublin. Renowned for its safety record at its site in the heart of Dublin, Guinness wanted a sensor to continuously monitor for the presence of biofilm in one of its vessels.

If biofilm is ever found growing in the vessel then action would need to be taken in conjunction with it’s disinfection partner Nalco, to ensure that there was no associated health risk to products, workers or the local population.

Pi remains at the forefront of disinfection monitoring and control applications and is trusted by many beverage manufacturers, particularly with regards to their pasteurisation processes.

Pi provides pasteurisation control and monitoring systems for continuous and batch disinfection using disinfectants such as Ozone, Bromine, Chlorine, Peracetic Acid and Chlorine Dioxide. Pi’s disinfection control water monitoring products are in use around the world ensuring that when a drink goes into a bottle, the bottle is effectively sanitised before it does.

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