Remote Access – Control InSite – CRIUS®4.0

Control InSiteThe Process Instruments CRIUS®4.0 controller can provide as an option, remote access via LAN or GPRS modem. Utilising the IoT communications protocol, MQTT, Control InSite from Pi provides the perfect engineer’s tool in that it allows for the remote setup, diagnosis of issues and downloading of data.

In fact anything you can do in front of the analyser you can do remotely from any internet enabled device.

Part of Pi’s suite of data handling products:

  • Control InSite – remote access, can be used as a stand-alone remote access or alongside Data InSite®.
  • Data InSite® – remote, cloud based data handling, compliance monitoring and reporting site. To see the differences between Control InSite and Data Insite®, view the videos above.

Control InSite from Pi is the remote access solution for the CRIUS®4.0 range of analysers. Probably the most capable analyser/controller remote access on the market and allows the user to;

  • Remote set-up – all setpoints and variables are available via the cloud based Control InSite making remote set-up, or adjustment, quick and simple.
  • Remote process optimisation – sometimes a process changes and the PID control needs to be adjusted. With Control InSite, this is all done simply and quickly from anywhere in the world.
  • Remote data download – collect your data remotely for analysis and interpretation.
  • Remote troubleshooting – either alone or in conjunction with others, troubleshoot any issue that arises on site without travelling.

In addition, Control InSite is free to use and doesn’t require installation of any specialist software, simply accessed via any web browser.

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