Particle Counter – ParticleSense

Particle Counter – ParticleSense

The Particle Counter range from Pi is a world first. The first to allow multiple sensors on a single analyser. The CounterSense is a sophisticated online particle counter with the capability to size and count particles from 2-127 microns and to count from 2-750 microns. The FilterSense has the capability to size and count particles from 2-127 microns, and the ParticleSense is a standalone counter with the capability of counting and sizing particles from 2-125 microns.

Particle Counters Tailored To Your Requirements

The range of sensors are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options. With the Pi range of controllers, you get everything that you need – and nothing that you don’t, without sacrificing the quality of measurement. Each sensor comes with a ‘clean me’ alert and can be run with a constant head weir or a flow meter, to maintain a constant flow.

As particles in a water stream pass through a measurement cell they break a laser beam inside the particle counter. This break is measured by a detector opposite the laser beam and the number of breaks is equal to the number of particles and the size of signal (created as the particle passes through the beam) is proportional to the size of the particle. The Pi instruments are unique in the marketplace in that they allow:

  • Simple user calibration
  • Set up direct from the instrument (no software/PC required)
  • Multiple sensor capability (can be combined with other sensors such as UV254, Turbidity, etc.)
  • Control with PID functions based on particle counts
  • Multipoint capability
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