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Hydrogen Peroxide Analyser

Hydrogen Peroxide Analyser

Online, continuous Hydrogen Peroxide Analysers, Hydrogen Peroxide Monitors, Hydrogen Peroxide Meters and Hydrogen Peroxide Controllers make up the PeroxiSense range which utilises the very latest and best hydrogen peroxide sensors available in the world today. It is a membraned device which uses no reagents, is extremely stable, and has reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

Flexible & Affordable Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors

The PeroxiSense hydrogen peroxide sensors, which give a hydrogen peroxide measurement in ppm or mg/l, and a range of flow cells, are available with different hydrogen peroxide controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display and control options. With the PeroxiSense range of hydrogen peroxide analysers, you get everything that you need – and nothing that you don’t.

The PeroxiSense Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor is used in many applications requiring the measurement of hydrogen peroxide concentration simply for hydrogen peroxide monitoring or hydrogen peroxide dosing control.

The membraned amperometric hydrogen peroxide sensor is a two electrode sensor which operates at an elevated applied potential which in turn eliminates zero drift. Its unique design means that no reagents or buffers are required at all and calibration is a simple one point (no zero required) operation. In addition to the state of the art amperometric hydrogen peroxide sensor, the PeroxiSense range of controllers has all the functionality that you need. Choose from the CRONOS® or CRIUS®4.0 controller to give you the highest quality hydrogen peroxide monitor, with all the functionality you need, at the lowest price possible. This means that you pay for everything you need, and nothing you don’t, without sacrificing the quality of measurement.

Pi’s hydrogen peroxide analyser is designed to have reduced maintenance, reduced calibration and reduced spares requirements. The PeroxiSense H2O2 analysers are undeniably the most cost effective H2O2 analysers available. In most situations the PeroxiSense analyser is able to control the dosing of H2O2 by adjusting flow rates, pump rates, or valve positions automatically to maintain the hydrogen peroxide set-point. Automatic dosing can significantly reduce reagent costs, and increase the level of control.

  • Amperometric sensors – continuous online hydrogen peroxide ppm measurement
  • No chemical reagents – lower cost of ownership
  • Stable and reliable – excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable and process waters
  • Up to 6 months between maintenance
  • Multiple sensors – reduced cost
  • Additional sensors of different types including pH, ORP and conductivity are available

The PeroxiSense hydrogen peroxide measurement sensors and flow cells are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and hydrogen peroxide dosing control options.

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