Chlorine Dioxide Controller – DioSense HR

Online Chlorine Dioxide measurement in water gets increasingly difficult as the concentrations increase. DioSense HR (High Range) is a new, photometric measurement of chlorine dioxide in water from 0-3500mg/L (0-0.35% ClO2). The DioSense HR works by shining a light of a particular wavelength through a continuously flowing water sample and the amount of light absorbed is proportional to the concentration of chlorine dioxide in the sample.

Easy To Install with Built In Control Options

The DioSense HR is designed to be installed in a flow through T fitting allowing for simple installation. When coupled with a CRIUS®4.0 controller, with its built-in control options and its data collection and reporting capabilities, the DioSense HR is probably the worlds most capable online analyser sensor combination.

The DioSense HR is an optical sensor that uses the principle of Beer Lamberts law to relate the concentration of the chlorine dioxide in a water sample, to the absorption of light in a particular wavelength. The sensor is temperature dependent but that dependency is compensated for with an integral temperature measure.

Pi’s chlorine dioxide analysers are designed to have reduced maintenance, reduced calibration and reduced spares requirements. The DioSense HR is no exception. With no reagents or consumables, the high range chlorine dioxide sensor has an extremely low cost of ownership.

Chlorine Dioxide in Water Sensor 0-3500mg/l (0-0.35%)

  • Low purchase cost
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Stable and reliable
  • Bufferless
  • Reagentless


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